Dog Breed Information Listings - Dog Breed photos, wallpapers & information.
Alaskan Malamute's website - Full breed's guide to know everything about Alaskan Malamutes. Disponible en castellano. (Spain)
All About Bichon Frises - Breed information about the Bichon Frise. Learn about these non shedding hypoallergenic dogs.
BiewerFever from Amore Under the Desert Sky - Small show and hobby breeder of Biewer and Yorkshire Terriers. We raise our puppies with TLC. (New York)
Chihuahua Information - Chihuahua info youtube
Cockapoo Journey - From Puppy to Loving Companion. Dedciated to educating readers about the wonderful Cockapoo breed - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Cockapoos by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon! - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Aussiedoodles by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon! - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Goldendoodles by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon!
DNR Labrador Retrievers - This is the home of the yellow labrador retriever. We OFA hip and elbow, CERF eyes (Michigan)
Dog Breeds and All about Doggie - Complete All Dog Breeds Profile from A-Z with all doggie pictures. Discover all the information abou (Malaysia)
Dog breeds list | Dog breeds information and pictu - Information about most dog breeds: pictures, description, temperament, health problems, grooming.
Fila Brasileiro Portal - Comprehensive Fila Brasileiro site with articles, breeders, health, training, fila forum, blog, etc
FPM Kennels Breeding Info - Information on the Pitbull bloodline and which one is the best
Golden Retriever Magic - Comprehensive resource about Golden Retrievers -- facts, history, cute dog pictures, etc.
Great Dog Breeds - The top online resource for dog breeds
Labradoodle Locator - Labradoodle Breeder Directory
Newfoundland Dog Breed Store - Wide variety of training dog equipment for Newfoundland dog breed at available prices.
Olympus Great Danes - Champion Fawn & Brindle Great Danes bred for companionship or show. Health certified in 4+ areas. (California)
Russian Dog - All Russian dog breeds and types of dogs. Russian dog names and commands. Dog news.
Schnauzers Rule - A complete guide on caring for miniature schnauzers, including grooming, training, & housebreaking
Shiba Inu Profile - Breed profile and anecdotes narrated by Ralph's dog Rusty. Explores the mysteries of the Shiba Inu (contradictory traits exh
Sloughi Fanciers Association of America - not a breeder's site. General information about the breed, articles etc about the Sloughi, rescue etc (Iowa)
The Georgia Shih Tzu - Find free information for puppy purchasing, rescuing, breeding, grooming, training and health care. (California)
The Shiloh Shepherd Registry - Learn about Shiloh Shepherds, standard, registration rules.
The Terrier Mix - Terrier mix dogs, terrier breeds and dog care information. - is the web's best resource for unbiased info about Doodle dog Poodle mixes
Totally Chihuahuas - We have loads of information about Chihuahuas - Breeding, caring for Chihuahuas, training, and more
Twin Cities Boxer CLub - Join us to meet other Boxers & their families, and share in the fun & challenges of loving Boxers! ♥ (Minnesota)
Yorkie Information Center - Detailed Information on every aspect regarding Yorkshire Terrier Information.
Your Dog Breeds - is the #1 website online for info on ever single breed of dog.



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