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Alaskan Malamute's website - Full breed's guide to know everything about Alaskan Malamutes. Disponible en castellano. (Spain)
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BiewerFever from Amore Under the Desert Sky - Small show and hobby breeder of Biewer and Yorkshire Terriers. We raise our puppies with TLC. (New York)
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Cockapoo Journey - From Puppy to Loving Companion. Dedciated to educating readers about the wonderful Cockapoo breed - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Cockapoos by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon! - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Goldendoodles by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon! - Almost Everything You Need to Know About Aussiedoodles by Diane Klumb- Now Available on Amazon!
DNR Labrador Retrievers - This is the home of the yellow labrador retriever. We OFA hip and elbow, CERF eyes (Michigan)
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