Adirondack Stone Works
Adirondack Stone Works
Adirondack Stone Works provides attractive pet memorials at an affordable price. All our memorial stones are custom made to display the words of your choosing and are sand carved on Pennsylvania blue stone.

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Serene Country Urns
Serene Country Urns
Serene Country Urns are individually handcrafted by old world traditional craftsmen in the USA. No plywood, veneers or paneling are used--each urn is crafted from select 3/4" wood; either oak, maple or cherry. We offer a wide selection including our own unique multiple unit urns for the cremains of several pets in one urn. Personalized engraved nameplates and urns are also available.

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Pets in Stone
Pets in Stone
Since Spring of 2004, Laser Works has provided hundreds of pet memorials, markers and urns to those needing the comfort and closure of an intimate and lasting tribute to the animals they love. We offer professional graphic design quality, coupled with unique custom designed products. Please visit our website to see the many ways we can help you memorialize your pet. We love to make it personal.

" Life through Light ... Set in Stone "

Laser Works of Alabama
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Photo Memorial Tiles
Photo Memorial Tiles
Personalized cameo tiles for headstones, markers or monuments in celebration of your loved ones or beloved pets. A covered bronze frame or bronze ring can complete this gorgeous tribute

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