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Chinese Imperial Dog

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[Donna's Chinese Imperial Shihtzu Puppies]

Donna's Chinese Imperial Shihtzu Puppies
North Carolina
High quality AKC imperial and small standard shihtzus. We are an in home hobby Shihtzu breeder. My daughter is 20 and has been breeding for 20 years, myself Donna have been a breeder all my life also. We have many good quality bloodlines in our little Shihtzus. We breed for health and good temperaments in our little shihtzus. Many exotic colors in our line whites, livers, blue livers, and blacks. Our shihtzus sizes grown are 4 to 11 pounds. Bloodlines in our generation are Ch Wells Anakin Skywalker, fairy tail, full house, and excellent breeder that I purchased my blue cloud from Ramirez's phantom of the opera.

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/15/2015]

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Donna's Chinese Imperial Shihtzu Puppies - High quality AKC imperial and small standard shihtzus. We are an in home hobby Shihtzu breeder. (North Carolina)
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