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Yorkie Advice

Yorkie Advice

Thinking of getting a Yorkie or have questions about your fur baby? Get all the most important information on taking care of your Yorkie, breed characteristics, how to guides, and everything in between. More of a visual person? Check out our long list of infographics on various Yorkie topics.


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Alaskan Malamute’s website – Full breed’s guide to know everything about Alaskan Malamutes. Disponible en castellano. (Spain)
All About Bichon Frises – Breed information about the Bichon Frise. Learn about these non shedding hypoallergenic dogs.
All Poodle Info Center – Fun and detailed site for toy, miniature and standard Poodles. Photo gallery, polls, Q&A and more
American Bully Daily – American Bully Daily is a Website for American Bully and Pitbull Lovers
Cane Corso Dog Breed Store – Best Cane Corso Training Equipment
Chihuahua – Informational website regarding this toy breed dog.
Chihuahua Information – Chihuahua info youtube
Cute Pomsky – Most comprehensive resource of Pomeranian Husky mix (Pomsky) on the internet.
Dog Breeds and All about Doggie – Complete All Dog Breeds Profile from A-Z with all doggie pictures. Discover all the information abou (Malaysia)
dogmal – Dogmal is a best place to find information about dogs. You can get tips about dog care, dog health and everything you love to know about dogs.
Domus Annia Shiba Pro – is a website providing breeders and knowledge about the Shiba Inu dog breed. The website provides information regarding their prices
FPM Kennels Breeding Info – Information on the Pitbull bloodline and which one is the best
Labrador Retriever Chatboard – Labrador Retriever chat board and forums. Community dedicated to the labrador retriever.
LGRA awards – Website featuring the top winning dogs in American Amateur sprint racing (Large Gazehound Racing Association) (California)
Little Doggies Rule – dedicated to all the cute little fur babies under 20 lbs. just like our 3 adorable kids! (Tennessee)
Newfoundland Dog Breed Store – Wide variety of training dog equipment for Newfoundland dog breed at available prices.
Paws ‘N’ Pups – Paws ‘N’ Pups offers detailed breed guides with information on every mixed and purebred dog breed – In-depth analysis of multiple breeds. (Kansas)
Pet Crates Direct – Choosing the proper crate size for your dog involves a number of important considerations.
Pet Insurance Australia – PetCare – Dog Breeds in Australia – we have listed 90 + dog profiles (Australia)
PetPom Pomeranian Information Center – Free and complete information regarding all topics of the Pomeranian toy dog.
PetsForHomes Cavoodles For Sale – Connecting pet lovers with responsible pet breeders nationwide.
Pitbull Time – A complete source of Pitbull information, breeds, characteristics, facts, names, training etc.
Pocket Pitbull – Site dedicated to the Pocket Pitbull
Pomaranian and maltese – maltese find fun wherever they go. Even if it\'s just flopping down in the backyard with a nylabone, they\'re very easy to keep happy.
Pomsky Central – A leading resource for information on the Pomeranian Husky Mix! (Minnesota) – Welcome to, the number one online resource for poodle owners, lovers and enthusiasts!
Pug Dogs – Detailed specific health information regarding the Pug and all toy breed dogs. A new topic weekly.
Russian Dog – All Russian dog breeds and types of dogs. Russian dog names and commands. Dog news.
Schnauzers Rule – A complete guide on caring for miniature schnauzers, including grooming, training, & housebreaking
Shiba Inu Profile – Breed profile and anecdotes narrated by Ralph’s dog Rusty. Explores the mysteries of the Shiba Inu (contradictory traits exh
Shih Tzu Dogs – Information that allows you and your dog’s veterinarian to work together to provide a healthy home.
Sloughi Fanciers Association of America – not a breeder’s site. General information about the breed, articles etc about the Sloughi, rescue etc (Iowa)
Small Dog Place – A place for Small Dog Lovers, providing information about breeds, health, grooming, training, more
The Hunting Dog – Information about hunting breeds of dogs.
The Shiloh Shepherd Registry – Learn about Shiloh Shepherds, standard, registration rules.
Twin Cities Boxer CLub – Join us to meet other Boxers & their families, and share in the fun & challenges of loving Boxers! ♥ (Minnesota)
Veranda on Highland – One-stop information source for everything about the West Highland White Terrier dog breed.
Westie Insider – Westie Insider is all things West Highland White Terrier. From our favorite gear to health issues, Westie Insider covers various topics at length. We
Yorkie Advice – The best Yorkie info site on the internet! ** See Deluxe Listing Above **
Yorkie Information Center – Detailed Information on every aspect regarding Yorkshire Terrier Information.
YorkieLife – Yorkshire terrier grooming, health and proper living information. Everything about Yorkies!
YorkieMag – All about Yorkies – everything you need to know about Yorkshire terrier care, grooming and more..