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If you are trying to submit a site, please visit our Get Listed page.

If you are making changes to a current listing, please do so on our Change Request page.

Please do not send me requests for puppies. I do NOT have any puppies for sale. Please view our Breeders pages or our Rescue pages to find puppies available. Also, I do not know of any additional breeders other than the ones already listed at PuppySites.Com.

I can NOT find a home for your unwanted or stray cats or dogs. Please contact local resources for help. Visit our Rescue pages to find additional resources.

Also, I can not give out any advice on the health of your pet. Please contact a veterinarian in your area or find one on our Vet Clinics page.

For questions related to PuppySites.Com, please fill out the form below or use one of the other contact methods and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thanks! ~Mary

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