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Dog Clubs/Associations

Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc

Biewer Breed Club of America, Inc The Biewer Breed Club of America Inc., the BBCA, is made up of a diverse group of dedicated Biewer breeders/fanciers located around the globe. The BBCA is the ONLY American Biewer Club that has bred Biewer to Biewer exclusively since the club's inception. We are very proud of our beginnings in the preservation of the purebred Biewer a la Pom Pon. Protecting the heritage of the Biewers and its original standard from the country of origin are of the utmost importance to us and we hold true to the long term goals of the originator of this exquisite breed.

E-mail: biewerbreedclubint@yahoo.com
Website: Click Here!

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American Coton Club

American Coton Club The American Coton Club (ACC) is the Home of the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear. The American Coton Club is leading the way to protect the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear from the abuses of puppy mills, online brokers and pet stores. The American Coton Club supports Code of Ethics Breeders who are committed to ethical breeding and puppy placements. ACC Code of Ethics breeders support the ACC mission to protect the Coton de Tulear as a Rare Breed (i.e., not a part of the American Kennel Club). If you are looking for a purebred Coton de Tulear puppy please visit our Code of Ethics Breeders for a quality Coton de Tulear puppy from health tested parents.

Website: Click Here!

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/12/2012]

Club Sites By Breed

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Other Club Sites

American Canine Registry - Biewer Yorkie Registry
Certified Pet Registration - Purebred and Hybrid online Pet Registration Service, free to all breeders
Champlain Dog Club - Petawawa, Ontario. Canada. All pupose, any breed/mixed breed, dog club for various doc activities.
Dog Boarding - Dog Boarding, Pet Boarding - Premier Doggy Day and Overnight Camps provide a fun, safe and upscale m
Dog Day Afternoons - Dog daycare, boarding, pet grooming and dog treats
Dog Registry of America - An all-breed kennel club with hassle-free service,open registration policies and over 400 breeds re
Dog Registry Of America, Inc - Register your dog with the DOG REGISTRY OF AMERICA (formerly U S Kennel Club) open to ALL breeds of dogs. we register over 30
Elizabethtown College K9 Club - We raise awareness of and money for animal rescues and shelters!
Gaines Farm and Kennels - Small scale breeder of Working Lines Bouvier des Flandres. Our 2011 litter is due in February!
GPCDFA.org - An AKC registered All Breed Dog Club in Panama City, Florida
Idaho Capital City Kennel Club - AKC Kennel Club based in Boise, ID, open to fanciers of all AKC breeds. We have shows, matches, seminars, and educational programs at our monthly mee
Middleburg Kennel Club - An all-breed AKC licensed club serving Loudoun County, Virginia,
Pet Owners Association - The online community for pet lovers
Razorback Kennel Club - All breed Training. Conformation, Flyball, Obedience
South Windsor Kennel Club - All-Breed Dog Website focusing on Dog education, Breed information, and Community Dog Events. Just beginning and loaded with
Springfield Kennel Club, Inc. - All-Breed Dog Website filled with Dog Information about Dog Events, Agility, Junior Showmanship, Breed Info, Breeder Listing,
Tamaskan Dog Register - The Tamaskan Dog Register
The Love Club 4 Pets - The Club Are grounded in Londons air-net, he he he.
TotalPaws - Totalpaws.com is the social website for pet owners and animal lovers. It is free to join.
United Canine Association - An all inclusive, elite all breed registry that recognizes and registers over 400 different breeds of canines



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