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Cocktail Shih Tzu


Cocktail Shih Tzu

We are a small hobby shih tzu breeder with a passion to produce healthy, happy, loving and loyal companions that are beautiful to look at. Our shih tzu are AKC registered from top quality blood lines. We are committed to producing healthy shih tzu puppies with correct confirmation, adorable faces, thick coats and loving dispositions. Our shih tzu puppies are raised in a clean, loving, well adjusted environment and socialized and handled from day one. Our shih tzu babies are vet checked, dewormed, dewclaws removed, current on vaccinations and include a written health guarantee.

Terri Strout
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
E-mail: terri@cocktailshihtzu.com
Website: http://cocktailshihtzu.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 1/20/2012]

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