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About Time Italian Greyhounds

New Mexico

About Time Italian Greyhounds

Puppies Available from carefully selected breedings, with health, temperament, and conformation in mind. We consistently produce exceptional Igs with a bold, outgoing, and confident temperament and personality that immediately marks our pups from the moment you meet them with a family friendly and “tiny-but-brave-and-fearless” attitude.

We stand behind each of our dogs with a Five Year Written Health Guarantee, and we guarantee a Home For Life for each and every puppy we produce.

Please visit our website. We provide a wealth of photos, information, and resources to help you better get to know us and learn about these amazing dogs!

Los Lunas, NM, USA

[Deluxe Listing Started 7/20/2007] [Deluxe Listing Updated 9/7/2018]

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Akita (1)
Aussiedoodles (1)
Australian Shepherd (3)
Belgian Malinois (1)
Cane Corso (1)
Chinese Imperial Dog (1)
Cockapoo (1)
Dachshund (1)
Italian Greyhound (1)

Japanese Chin (1)
Labrador Retriever (3)
Miniature Schnauzer (1)
Pomsky (1)
Shih Tzu (2)
Toy Australian Shepherd (1)

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