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Thunder Labradors


Thunder Labradors

We are State of Wisconsin licensed, professional breeders of Labrador Retriever pups since 1994. Quality Pedigrees, Quality Care, Quality Pups. Hip, Eye, Elbow, Shoulder, Heart, EIC, CNM, PRA, DM, HUU, HNPK and CY Guaranteed. Compare to others. Pups are Vet checked before you buy. Visit our TESTIMONIAL page on our website to see what our customers say about their Thunder Labradors. FREE phone consultations for the life of your dog. Early Neurological Stimulation is performed on all of our pups so you get the kind of dog everyone wants: smart, social and well adjusted. References available upon request.

E-mail: thunderlabradors@hotmail.com
Website: http://wisconsinlabradors.com

[Deluxe Listing Started 12/20/2010] [Deluxe Listing Updated 1/30/2019]

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Akita (1)
Australian Labradoodles (1)
Australian Shepherd (1)
Bichon Frise (1)
Boerboel (1)
Border Collie (1)
Chihuahua (1)
Chinese Imperial Dog (1)
Cockabichon (1)
Cockapoo (4)
Cocker Spaniel (2)
Collie (1)
Dachshund (2)
Doberman Pinscher (1)
English Setter (1)
English Springer Spaniel (2)
German Shepherd Dog (5)
German Shorthair Pointer (1)
Golden Retriever (2)

Goldendoodles (4)
Goldendoodles – Petite (1)
Irish Doodle (1)
Irish Setter (2)
Labradoodles (1)
Labrador Retriever (10)
Mastiff (1)
Mi-Ki (3)
Pomeranian (1)
Poodle (Standard) (1)
Poodle (Toy) (1)
Pug (1)
Shetland Sheepdog (2)
Shichon (1)
Shih Tzu (2)
Tibetan Mastiff (1)
White Swiss Shepherd Dog (1)
Yorkshire Terrier (1)

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