How to Keep Your Puppy Safe When Driving

It’s a well-known fact that most dogs love riding in cars and feeling the wind of the open road. Whether you are an experienced dog owner or you’ve only recently acquired the companionship of a new puppy, the affection you have for your pet should cause you to consider sensible precautions whenever your dog is with you in a vehicle. These basic concepts are important for your pet and the whole family to have a great time on a drive or a long road trip.

Exercise Extra Caution

Your dog may be as energetic as any other youngster, jumping around the seats and trying to put their head out the window. This can interfere with your safety on the road. In a worst-case scenario, that rambunctiousness could lead to an accident that causes injuries to the driver or passengers, including the dog. Until a new puppy learns to settle down, it’s best to stick to short car rides to an outdoor park where they can roam freely and burn off that energy. While driving, make sure to obey all speed limits even if it means driving slower than other cars on the road. Never slam on your brakes if your dog is unrestrained without a harness to protect them. Windows should be cracked only a few inches to make sure they don’t try to jump out.

Seat-Belt Security

Your dog may need to be secured in the car with a harness that is made specifically to attach to the seat belt. Small dog owners can find harnesses that connect in this manner so their pets can enjoy the ride without moving around the car. These attachments are easily set up for safety in the vehicle.

It’s also important to pick a time of day that is best for you and your dog to take a ride together. Avoid driving late at night if possible since driving drowsy is like being drunk. Instead, look to lighting up your backyard and monitoring your pup so they can roam freely.

Look Out for the Weather

If you’re accustomed to bringing your dog with you to run on errands, you’ll want to watch weather reports first. Many states have laws to protect dogs in hot cars. Authorities can break your window to rescue your dog if the animal is left locked in a car that is parked in the heat. Freezing temperatures are also problematic for short haired dogs. Keep your rides brief and consider an outdoor walk instead.

Dogs love the great outdoors, and with proper safety, they can enjoy car rides. Treat your pup as you would another family member, and keep their well-being in mind when driving.

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