Take Me Home: Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Backyard

Adding a puppy to the family is exciting for everyone. There’s nothing cuter than a clumsy little pup, licking and cuddling everybody in the household. If you have recently brought home a puppy or will be bringing one home soon, there are some tips you can utilize to puppy-proof your backyard. This will help keep your pup safe while he is playing outside.

Plants and Landscaping

There are a number of flowers, plants and shrubs that are not safe for dogs to be around, such as ivy. If they were to ingest part of the plant, they could become very sick. If you’re not sure what you have growing in your yard, you can use the internet to try and figure it out. A professional landscaper can likely help you determine if anything needs to be transplanted. Using synthetic grass eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, which are not good for pets. It’s important to stay away from harsh fertilizers and pesticides.

Fence the Yard

Having a fence installed is a great way to keep your puppy safe without having to watch him at all times. You can let your fence installers know that you will have a pet in the yard. They can ensure that there aren’t any gaps underneath the fence or near the house where the fence connects. If you don’t love the look of a traditional fence, there are other, less visible fence options you can buy. Think about the size your puppy will become when he is fully grown. He might not be able to jump a shorter fence right now, but a larger dog can quickly hop over a chain-link fence when they are bigger.

Dangerous Spots

You can take a walk around your yard to see if there are any other locations that could be harmful to your dog. When a puppy is still small, you don’t want him to fit into small spaces that could have dangers lurking in them. This can include the underside of sheds, areas where you may have placed poison for pests, landscaped areas that have thorns, and pools. Not every puppy automatically knows how to swim. That’s something you’ll need to help them master later on.

Adopting a new puppy is a serious commitment. If you have the opportunity, take some time to puppy-proof your backyard and home before you bring your pet home. This allows you to address any issues that are present before you have a curious pup discovering them right along with you.

If you need a pet sitter to watch or walk your new puppy while you’re away, check out some of these websites!